Example page

This is an example page for your Chevereto site. You can edit and learn from this file located in /app/themes/Peafowl/pages/privacy.php. If you want a real world example you should check the contact page which is contact.php in the same folder.

Creating pages

To add a page like mypage.php simply add that file to the pages path. The system will auto bind this page to http://www.uppic.es/page/mypage

Custom styles and coding

Chevereto pages are a wrapper of The G\ Library loader which means that this pages can be complete customized in absolute all the code. You can use your own header, footer, metatags, etc.

This means that you can use any code you want including HTML, JS, CSS and PHP. You can even create pages that look completely different from the main site look and you can even use all the system classes and functions (Both G\ and Chevereto) to make it easier and yet more powerful.

More help

If you need more help we suggest you to go to Chevereto support and read the G\ Library documentation. View the code of this file will also help you to understand the magic behind this system.

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